A great variety of fishing gears are manufactured at Astrakhan net making factory.

Beach seine, drag seine, stationary net, traps, dragnet, trap net, fishing-crib etc. are manufactured of knotted polyamide fishing twines and of knotted polyethylene fishing twines.

There were several tests of our production in past few years.

The 1st test of stationary net (size 112 х 26 х 8 m for ordinary fish catching) made of polyethylene fishing twines was held in the Sea of Azov.

The results of the test were:

  • No fish entangling
  • No tears or parts scuffed
  • Algae covering fishing net were easily removed while storm.

The other test of polyethylene stationary net was held in areas «Chistaya Banka», «Malaya Zhemchuzhnaya Banka», «Kirovskiy Bank» islands and in shallow-water of Northern part of the Caspian Sea.

The test was organized by Federal State Unitary Enterprise Caspian Fisheries Research Institute together with Ikryaninsky fishing collective farm (Kolkhoz) and Dzerzhinsky fishing collective farm located in Kamyzyak district.

The results of the test were:

  • 100 % storm stability
  • No tears or parts scuffed within 2 month (large sturgeons contacted the net)
  • Fish entangling was low whereas fish entangling of the polyamide nets was about 30 % of fish catch on curtain days
  • Algae covering the polyethylene fishing gear were easily removed while storm, changing thread of streams, and washing under pressure of water (water pressure) (fire pump)
  • Polyamide fishing gears were prone to algae covering.